JSA EUROPE took part in the stage structures installation for the popular Nostalgia Retro/Disco/Future festival, which took place in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, from June 29 to July 02, 2023.

Our part of the production included Layher’s construction for the festival’s main stage. As well as the structures of five towers for the central viewing platform. This design composition was called “UMBRELLA”. The idea for the original vision of the site’s design came from festival promoter Dark Side Entertainment. The engineering project was developed by SALT BOX STUDIO. The engineering was done by Adrian Vișenoiu with the participation of Alexander Strizhak.

The process of installing the “UMBRELLA” structure / View towards the main stage.

The process of installing the structure “UMBRELLA” / View from the stage.

Thanks to everyone who helped us in the implementation of this unusual project.

Installation work was carried out by ASC Systems. The JSA Stagers Team also took part in this project. The rigging work was carried out by the Escape Group.

To install structures for the festival, there were needed some special elements that are not used in standard staging kits. Thanks to Layher Schele for their support in this matter, which helped us to deliver the equipment on time. To succeed in this case, JSA EUROPE, with the assistance of the Layher Baltic division, held positive cooperation negotiations with the Romanian division of Layher at the end of May 2023. See more information about this here: NEW BUSINESS POSSIBILITIES –  JSA EUROPE AND LAYHER ROMANIA MEETING.

Particularly interesting was the use of the latest technical development of the Layher plant for rigging – supporting reliable TwixBeams. This is Layher’s new low-weight, high-strength, multifunctional solution. TwixBeam’s high strength, ease of installation and dismantling, and full compatibility with Layher Allround bring significant advantages to efficiency for stage projects.

For more information and pictures about this part of the production, see here: JSA AND INNOVATION. TWIXBEAM FROM LAYHER – GREAT ELEMENT FOR RIGGING

Additional know-how from JSA on this project was the use of the Layher Koeder system to install two local canopies inside the main stage wall. With the help of standard fasteners, they were in the structure of the cage’s Layher Allround Scaffolding.

View of the stage from the auditorium area with the “UMBRELLA” structure during the show.

View from the stage to the auditorium area with the “UMBRELLA” design during the show.

Below are some photos from the Nostalgia Retro/Disco/Future 2023 show

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