JSA presents the latest product from the Layher plant – the aluminum TwixBeam. Our company has been using Layher system products since 1997. We always follow the novelties in the product lines of the plant and try to immediately use them in the structures under construction. This approach to business allows us always to be ahead, expands our capabilities, and improves engineering offers for customers. This summer, we applied the latest development of the factory – Aluminum TwixBeams to install the structures for the festival NOSTALGIA (RETRO-DISCO_FUTURE) 2023 in Bucharest.

The original design engineering of the main festival goer area was done by our Romanian partner Adrian Vişenoiu from SALT BOX STUDIO. They were in charge of managing the production of the main constructive part of the event. Using TwixBeam in the structure helped to solve the rigging problems for this case. And in the end, it helped to realize the idea of “UMBRELLA” from the organizer of the annual festival – Catalin Sebastian (Dark Side Entertainment).

The “UMBRELLA” are circles from trusses: the outer truss circle was 50 meters, and the two inner truss circles were 12 meters. On the main tower, 27 meters high, TwixBeams were installed on the top to carry out the lifting of the circles in the center. For stability of the outer circle of trusses, four auxiliary towers 24 meters high were built. The entire Layher Allround Scaffolding and TwixBeam kit was provided by JSA. Thanks to department Layher Romania for supporting this project and supplying products to the site (including new TwixBeams in different sizes). Special thanks to Veronica Taranu – Managing Director of Layher Schele. The rigging work was accomplished by the Escape Group; installation work by ABT Motion Rigs; the towers were built by ASC Systems. The JSA Stagers Team also took part in this staging project.


The Aluminium TwixBeam is a multifunctional system solution, with possible uses from support beams, suspended scaffolding, or projection structures, to wide-span work platforms and use as a system main beam. So the TwixBeam is a multifunctional aluminum beam not only for scaffolding and shoring construction but also a great product for use in the live music industry and entertainment events (staging and rigging).

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