On May 31, the last day of spring 2023, a positive and interesting event took place in Bucharest. JSA Stage Company was introduced to Layher Romania for business partnership. JSA Managing Director Alexander Strizhak met Veronica Taranu, the new General Manager of Layher subsidiary in Romania. During the meeting, the parties had good friendly communication, inspection of the warehouse with products and at the end of the JSA Europe and Layher Romania agreed to cooperate for projects in the local market and with the support of the Layher plant.

Alexander Strizhak commented on this meeting as a significant event in the history of the long partnership between JSA and Layher (since 1997): “This extraordinary event opens up more opportunities for the development of our business in Romania.”

Many thanks to Viktor Voroncov for the management of this meeting and for the kind recommendation of JSA on behalf of the Layher plant and personally from the Layher Baltic division with whom the company has a long and successful cooperation in the Baltic region.

For information: The JSA company at one time was the exclusive partner for the sale and promotion of the products of the Layher plant in Russia for ten years (from 1999 to 2009). After that, a subsidiary company Layher Russia was opened in Moscow. After the start of the war of the Putin regime in Ukraine, deliveries of the plant’s products to the Russian Federation were closed:

“Layher stops deliveries to Russia Layher scaffolding systems, rolling towers and ladders play an important role in ensuring safer high-level…”

JSA closed its business in Russia back in 2014 after the annexation of Krym and the start of military aggression RF in Eastern Ukraine. The successor of the business and commercial brand was JSA Europe, which was opened by Alexander Strizhak as the European headquarters of JSA in 2003 in Riga (Latvia).

In the past few years, JSA has established sales of Layher products for the concert and event sector in Ukraine. After the start of the big war on February 24, 2022, this part of the company’s activities became irrelevant and was closed by us. During the last year, we have established friendly and partner ties in Romania. The company supported a project in Timisoara – European Capital of Culture 2023.


Since then, new business avenues have been opened in Romania and now, step by step, JSA is developing its activity here. This happens with the assistance of the local company SALT BOX STUDIO