JSA Stage Company officially declares its protest against the WAR of Putin, the Russian Army, and the Russian Propaganda Sector (Russian Television, other media, and representatives of the Russian Show Business) in Ukraine. This is a crazy war against a peaceful country and civilians. It is necessary to stop this war of the “Russian World” on the territory of Ukraine against Western Civilization. The Ukrainian Army and civilians, despite the losses, successfully resist the invaders. The developed countries of the world impose economic sanctions against Russia and provide financial and military assistance to Ukraine. Many foreign companies are leaving the Russian market. In many countries, actions and rallies are held in support of the resistance of Ukraine and the condemnation of the Kremlin’s regime of war.

We also say thanks a lot to all those citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus who find the strength to directly or indirectly declare their position against this terrible war. Please, let’s do what you can for this situation! Together we win!


On February 25, 2022, in protest against the war of Russia and the offensive operations of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine, the JSA Stage Company installed a structure in the center of Riga opposite the building of the Russian Embassy in Latvia. This truss design, in agreement with the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia with the Rīgas Dome (City Hall), will stand at this place until the end of this war.

For this setup, we had to use a SIXTY82 truss set that recently arrived in our warehouse, which we planned to use for exhibitions this season.

??✊ The booth installed by JSA Stage Company in the center of Riga, opposite the Russian Embassy in Latvia, with calls to stop the Russian War in Ukraine, has become a noticeable place of attraction and gathering of people who come out to protest every day.

?? On February 26, JSA Stage Company also hung an anti-war banner on the stage structure at the Event Factory SLOKA in Jurmala. Thus, we openly express our position in a place accessible to us. We also hope to convey our attitude towards the war to the local Russian-speaking population, who live here under the influence of Putin’s war hysteria propaganda against Ukraine. Our action is held together with the public organization Confederation of Ukrainians in Latvia VICHE.