At the end of June 2003, there were some concerts in Riga on Dome Square, which were held as part of the Latvian Song and Dance Festival. This event has roots in the century before last. The first such Song Festival took place in Riga in 1873. Although 130 years have passed since then, the tradition of holding a folk song forum continues in the modern Republic of Latvia. The Singing Field complex in Mežaparks located in the northwest of the capital of Latvia used to be a place to gather a large number of singers and choristers. But this year the concerts were organized on Dome Square to attract event guests and ordinary tourists to the city center (Old Riga).

However, the square is not big enough to gather a large number of people there. Therefore, JSA, at the invitation of a friendly Latvian company, specially installed a leveling platform near the Dome Cathedral. This place has a deepening in the ground, as the cathedral has sunk for many centuries and is two meters below the level of the modern square. The installation of a reliable structure made it possible to fill the empty space and mount the Prolyte ST-Roof system (20×14) on it. Thus, the stage did not take part of the square, and this increased the capacity and safety of the audience.

The platform was assembled from elements of the Layher Allround Scaffolding system, and a floor from beams and plywood was mounted on it. Special passages were made in the structure for artists and staff, and several ladder blocks were installed to climb the stage from the high side.

Before installing the roof system and choral risers, this platform has been tested. PRO 1 Company installed a Pavilion there to host a promotional music event run by a well-known local beer company.

The idea to build a structure for setting up the stage here belongs to Alexander Strizhak. This happened after a conversation with the owner and manager of a friendly PRO 1 company – Gint Guk. His firm was engaged in the technical support of concerts on the square. Such an original use of space near the Dome Cathedral was an unusual decision for Riga. Alexander Strizhak personally came to manage the installation work and thereby show the Latvian market the unique possibilities of using Layher universal systems.

Below are some pictures of the 2003 Latvian Song and Dance Festival on the Great Bandstand in Mežaparks.

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