10 years of release of the first great promo-brochure about Layher Event

10 years have passed since the beautiful brochure was presented to customers. It was the first, and today is still the last such publication. The brochure was a great success and was printed twice – in the spring and autumn of 2009.

By that time, the use of Layher systems (Allraund Scaffolding, Cassette, and Keder Roofs Systems) and especially clever design of Layher Event Systems (including –  aluminum trusses, stage decks/platforms, tribunes/grandstands) in the concerts and event sector had become very common. JSA Stage Company has daily work in this sector, and also contributed greatly to this case and had a great influence on the industry’s progress.

Preparation for the publication of the brochure was thorough and the advertising department of the plant Layher asked us if possible to provide pictures from JSA projects. PR-manager of the company Alexey Kotelnikov made a selection of photos and we kindly provided them to Layher.

We are very pleased that this edition includes about 20 of our photos and it was especially cool that the first cover was used the picture from our self-monumental project on Red Square on the Day of the City of Moscow (2003) / Mega Light Show of the director Gert Hof with participation – Scorpions, Thomas Anders (ex -Modern Talking) and the Presidential Orchestra of the Russian Federation (conductor – Pavel Ovsyannikov), Promoter by Alexander Strizhak.

Today it still gives us reason to be proud of all our job and we have gratitude for the great partnership with Layher Company.

Below you can see the pages from this brochure where there are our pictures with JSA staging. Also included are a front cover and back covers from two editions (spring and autumn 2009)

You can view the entire brochure and download it here:

JSA Sales Department  / Layher


JSA ISSUU / Print Collection

Below we presented the selection of these pictures by JSA Stage which we took in the archive “box” of the company.

JSA Europe as the successor of the original Moscow company is still engaged in the sale of stage constructions, including the sale of quality products from universal Layher Systems:

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