On April 26, 2003, a unique concert of the rock star, musician, and composer Ken Hensley was held at the Moscow Youth Palace, accompanied by the Presidential Orchestra of the Russian Federation, conducted by Pavel Ovsyannikov. The idea for this sensational show came from the JSA Promoter team, and they organized it and carried it out with high quality and success.

Moscow became a city where great events in the history of rock music take place. But this time, it was at the Moscow Youth Palace that the significant performance of the former ex-leader of the British rock band Uriah Heep, composer, singer, keyboard player, and guitarist – the legendary Ken Hensley accompanied by the Presidential Orchestra of the Russian Federation.

Such a performance was the first time in the creative career of a rock musician and unusual for the public. An additional uniqueness of the event was that the composer Ken Hensley included in the program of the joint concert several serious long pieces of music that he had never performed before / neither in Uriah Heep nor after leaving the band. Thus, the audience of MDM attended the premiere of these musical compositions.

The program of the second part of the concert was much more focused on the well-known classic hits of Uriah Heep. The rocker appeared in a much more familiar stage image. Eventually, fans were satisfied with Ken Hensley’s new creative incarnation and enjoyed the familiar and already “eternal” rock compositions.

Even before the show day of the unusual concert aroused interest among the public and the music press. Communicative Ken Hensley gave several live interviews on leading radio stations and music television channels, and also performed a live mini-concert on TV in the popular program of Dmitry Dibrov – Apologia. The entire large-scale promotional campaign was conceived by Alexey Kotelnikov and organized by the JSA Promoter team.

Also, Ken Hensley gave a big Press Conference for the Media, which attracted many journalists from the press, radio and television channels. Special thanks to journalist Dmitry Shavyrin for their support in organizing this case.

The JSA Promoter team is also grateful to the leader and conductor of the Presidential Orchestra, Pavel Ovsyannikov, for their kind and creative attitude to this project. His participation provided good support and positively influenced the preparation. Rehearsals were held at the base of the orchestra in the Kremlin and finally at the MDM stage.

Ken Hensley was very grateful to the JSA Promoter team for the energy and business activity in implementing this interesting project. All project participants received satisfaction from teamwork and a successful result.

Note: After the concert, during the autograph session, Ken Hensley proved to be a real rocker and wrote a joking inscription in one of the photos for JSA thinking that no one would notice: You’re not listening!

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Below are photos of Ken Hensley taken during the World Premiere promotional campaign of his big Concert with the Orchestra.


And some more funny photos – Ken Hensley and a Zhiguli / Lada car:

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