Dunaiska Sich 2017 Festival. Ukrainian Rock on the Danube

JSA Europe took part in the preparation and production of the festival “Dunaiska Sich – 2017». That is the greatest event in the remote part of the southwest of Ukraine, Odesa region, Izmail city at the mouth of the Danube River (Population – 70 000).

The festival began as a volunteer project by several enthusiasts in 2014. And in a few years, it became more powerful and interesting with the support of the public movement and the Creative Association “Musical Battalion” from Kyiv. This year the festival was held for the fourth time. Fifteen groups performed on the stage (Ukrainian bands of different rock styles and guests from Lithuania and Belarus). During two days, the musicians made bright and energetic performances. Free entrance. There were more than 7000 spectators.

The company was invited as an experienced specialist in managing such projects for professional support, creating a system product, organizing the festival promotion, and raising it to a new professional level. As a result, everything went better than expected – residents of the city, artists, and organizers had a quality holiday. Now there is work of post-production – creating and the final cut of music, documentary films, and audio CDs.

Official website of the festival: http://dunairock.com/

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