“Always the Supporting Star” – Overview article about Staging Future.

The magazine AUDIENCE/issue 199, August 2016

The notes about JSA Europe / Stage Company and the statements of Alexander Strizhak.

Rebirth in Riga

One company that has experienced more change than most others is JSA. Originally based in Russia with outposts in Latvia and Ukraine, the unstable political climate in the region persuaded founder Alexander Strizhak to relocate the entire business to Riga in Latvia, where the company has had an office and small warehouse since 2006.

“We’re continuing life as JSA Europe SIA,” says Strizhak. “It was a difficult decision to make as I had to lay off staff who had worked for us for many years. I thank all of our employees, partners, and clients for some unforgettable years of joint creativity.”

JSA is already consulting with various events in Eastern Europe and is now preparing itself to launch fully into the wider European market.

“We offer great expertise, strategic thinking, flexible communications, and the highest levels of engineering proficiency,” says Strizhak, “The digital revolution is forcing artists to make more of their shows,” he says. “They want more rigging capacity, a bigger roof span, a larger performing area, more room to hang scenery and special effects.”

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