The new business online tool of JSA was opened to restart activity in Ukraine.

Today was the launch of a new additional way of communication with our customers and partners. Especially for this activity, we have created a new business website for promoting high-quality and reliable products, modern technologies, world trends in this sector, and our personal experience (more than twenty years on the market). Our new online tool is made in the main Ukrainian language and as an auxiliary in the Russian language. Thus, for the first time in Ukraine will be created information professional portal about the stage business, designs, manufacturers, training, and safety issues in the official language of the country and duplicated into the second most important language by use.

Since 2017, the company has been operating in Ukraine starting with the case of participation in the production team of The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. (organization and technical part of the guest sector of the event – VIP Guest Hospitality Area), and also worked on other projects during the year.

JSA EUROPE plans to conduct more active work in Ukraine and create a high-grade working structure for the business. Despite some difficulties related to the internal situation in Ukraine and the continuing negative impact on the part of Russia, the company views its activity as an important aspect in the continued development of sales of stage constructions and system-building scaffolds in Ukraine, a country which has a great potential for internal development and a positive direction for cooperation and integration with the European market.

Our full service of sales service allows the customer to feel confident and comfortable.